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Jul 10

Shale Core Research

Our Shale Core Facility houses several miles of shale core that is used for industry examination and student/faculty research for both undergraduates and graduate students. for more information, please visit the Shale Core Facility Web Page.

Jul 10

Just Energy Independence or Clean Energy Self-Reliance?

In Thomas Friedman’s latest column, he praises Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts because he “took one for the country.”  Friedman sees that “America today is poised for a great renewal” if only it can get some “big, centrist, statesmanlike leadership.” Logically, there would be some renewable (energy) in America’s renewal, right? Wrong.  Her

Jul 10

Wind Turbine Blades Push Size Limits

Using sophisticated modelling techniques and comparing the results with existing turbine technology, a 2011 report set out to see if 20-MW offshore turbines could become a reality. The report, entitled Upwind: Design Limits and Solutions for Very Large Wind Turbines, compared theoretical 20-MW designs with present technology. ‘Yes, we have the technology but the economics…