Aug 7

Geothermal Basin Studies

Author :
Ken Morgan

TCU will soon be a new center for a global research network of scholars focused on the basic science and engineering questions that need to be addressed to make large-scale geothermal energy from sedimentary basins a reality. The work and proposals are to be done by individual researchers across the country, sometimes in cooperation with international colleagues. The Research Coordination Network (RCN), funded by NSF, is intended to provide a vehicle for this group to interact, share information, develop research priorities, and overall coordinate what is thus far a highly dispersed group into a team with more focused goals. As much as anything, this new center will serve as a facilitator of individual research ideas and initiatives. One big virtual geothermal university with a faculty of a couple hundred if you will. TCU will be the node for this research effort and will be the go-to place for geothermal energy information and collegial links.