Aug 22

Energy Initiatives

Author :
Ken Morgan

Wind Farms: The TCU Institute for Environmental Studies manages the TCU-Oxford-NextEra Wind Research Initiative. Go to Quick Links for more information.

Geothermal Basins: TCU will soon be a new center for a global research network of scholars focused on the basic science and engineering questions that need to be addressed to make large-scale geothermal energy from sedimentary basins a reality. The work and proposals are to be done by individual researchers across the country, sometimes in cooperation with international colleagues. The Research Coordination Network (RCN), funded by NSF, is intended to provide a vehicle for this group to interact, share information, develop research priorities, and overall coordinate what is thus far a highly dispersed group into a team with more focused goals. As much as anything, this new center will serve as a facilitator of individual research ideas and initiatives. One big virtual geothermal university with a faculty of a couple hundred if you will. TCU will be the node for this research effort and will be the go-to place for geothermal energy information and collegial links.

GIS for Energy Mapping: Our modern GIS and Remote Sensing Center houses 28 work stations dedicated to teaching and research in geological and environmental science mapping. Many students use this facility to study energy related problems that lend themselves to GIS solutions such as: Well pad siting, locating new potential locations for NGV refueling stations, wind farm mapping etc. For more information please visit the GIS and Remote Sensing Web Page.

Transportation Fuels & Shale Core Facility: Natural gas (and now oil) from domestic shales has been a game changer for thinking about our future transportation fuels in this country. Our Shale Core Facility stores several miles of shale core that is used for industry examination and student/faculty research for both undergraduates and graduate students. For more information, please visit the Shale Core Facility Web Page.