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FORT WORTH, Texas (Feb. 18, 2013) – With a generous commitment of $1 million from Kenneth W. Davis, Jr., the TCU Energy Institute has established The Kenneth W. Davis, Jr. Endowed Lectureship to support, enhance and broaden the community’s understanding of domestic and global energy-related issues.

The Davis Lectureship will bring distinguished speakers with expertise in energy-related fields to promote knowledge about the energy industry, energy management, cutting-edge energy technology and other energy-related subject matter to the TCU campus. With the gift Davis intends to provide unique learning experiences and support the University’s priorities to teach, develop and promote dialogue by engaging formal and informal exchanges with students, faculty and the community.

“TCU has always taken on the responsibility to establish an innovative and aggressive approach to educate its students in cutting edge developments important to the progress of America.  It is my great pleasure TCU has afforded me the honor to be associated with those efforts,” said Ken Davis.

The TCU Energy Institute continues to develop new ways to provide leading research and teaching opportunities. Establishing a national energy speaker’s forum will enrich the educational experience of all of our students along with the surrounding industry and community. The Energy Institute strives to be the leader in local, national and global energy discussions on energy management, emerging technologies, sustainable solutions and developing energy policies.

“This generous contribution provided by Kenneth W. Davis, Jr. will enable TCU to bring our nation’s prominent energy industry speakers to our campus. This significant gift will provide opportunities to conduct critical discussions about domestic and foreign energy-related issues that are essential to the energy industry’s future,” said Dr. Ken Morgan, director of the TCU Energy Institute.

About TCU Energy Institute

The TCU Energy Institute provides unique opportunities for students, faculty and industry professionals to conduct leading-edge research and to explore energy and land management issues. They serve as an educational link between industry and the community, and as a forum for experts seeking viable solutions. TCU sits at the epicenter of our nation’s energy future: Fort Worth is home to the latest technologies for natural gas extraction and is in close proximity to one of the largest wind initiatives in the country. Because of its unique location and strong commitment to education and research, the TCU Energy Institute provides an important link for students, faculty and the community. It serves as a center of information as innovative energy technologies and strategies are developed and policies determined. For more information, visit www.energyinstitute.tcu.edu.