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$5 Million Funding Goal

Chair In Petroleum Geology

Our first goal is to raise $5 million to endow and hire a new Chair in Petroleum Geology. Once funded, this prestigious position will be filled by a nationally recognized individual. They will be tasked with teaching classes related to the oil & gas industry, as well as developing an undergraduate and graduate research based program that will focus on creating high quality academic solutions to real-life oil & gas related issues and problems. Bringing in professors and programs that directly apply to the energy sector will benefit our current and future students by preparing them for industry related jobs.

For more information on how to help us achieve our goal, please contact Dr. Ken Morgan, TCU Energy Institute Director, at or Dr. Larry Brogdon, TCU Energy Institute Board Chair, at

Online donations can be made at the following secure TCU link:
Select Other in Gift Designation, then type in Chair In Petroleum Geology