Sep 5

Texas State Law Changes For Natural Gas

Author :
TCU Energy Institute

Starting September 1, 2013, some Texas laws for natural gas vehicles will change.

According to a statement released by the Railroad Commission of Texas HB 2148 and HB 2305 are the bills expected to change at the beginning of September.

HB 2148 changes the way the Comptroller collects motor-fuel taxes on CNG and LNG. Instead of paying CNG and LNG motor-fuel tax once a year by buying a prepaid liquefied gas tax decal, drivers will pay tax at the pump each time they fill up, as they do when buying gasoline.

HB 2305 will require the operator of a CNG vehicle, at the time of the vehicle’s annual safety inspection, to prove that the vehicle’s CNG fuel cylinder has been inspected, found to comply with applicable federal safety standards (49 Code of Federal Regulations §571.304), and is not past its expiration date.

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