Announcing the New Hunter Enis Chair of Petroelum Geology–Applications Being Accepted

Oct 22 2014

Applications are being accepted for the new Hunter Enis Chair in Petroleum Geology. Position Description: The TCU School of Geology, Energy, and the Environment (SGEE) invites applications for the new Hunter Enis Chair in Petroleum Geology. The position is for a Professor of Professional Practice (PPP) with a goal of preparing students for careers in…

Energy Initiatives

Aug 22 2012

Wind Farms: The TCU Institute for Environmental Studies manages the TCU-Oxford-NextEra Wind Research Initiative. Go to Quick Links for more information. Geothermal Basins: TCU will soon be a new center for a global research network of scholars focused on the basic science and engineering questions that need to be addressed to make large-scale geothermal energy…

TCU Natural Gas Vehicle

Aug 13 2012

Our 1.8 liter Honda Civic GX is a 100% dedicated naturalgas vehicle that has been manufactured by American Honda for 13 years for U.S. Highways. It sells for around $26,000 and gets about 27 mpg city and 38 mpg on the highway with an estimated range of 248 miles. Since it uses only natural gas, that sells for about than $2.00 per gallon, it means it emits 30% less C02 and 70-90% less CO, NOx and VOC emissions than gasoline or diesel engines. You can see our “FrogMobile” at most every football game!