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Apr 16

Fracking Doesn’t Cause Significant Earthquakes, Study Says

Hydraulic fracturing used to access oil and gas from rock and shale hasn’t caused “significant”earthquakes, according to a study by Durham University. “Hydraulic fracturing is not a significant mechanism for inducing felt earthquakes,” Richard Davies, director of the U.K. university’s energy institute, said today in a statement.“The size and number of felt earthquakes caused by fracking…

Jul 10

Just Energy Independence or Clean Energy Self-Reliance?

In Thomas Friedman’s latest column, he praises Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts because he “took one for the country.”  Friedman sees that “America today is poised for a great renewal” if only it can get some “big, centrist, statesmanlike leadership.” Logically, there would be some renewable (energy) in America’s renewal, right? Wrong.  Her