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Aug 19


$5 Million Funding Goal Chair In Petroleum Geology Our first goal is to raise $5 million to endow and hire a new Chair in Petroleum Geology. Once funded, this prestigious position will be filled by a nationally recognized individual. They will be tasked with teaching classes related to the oil & gas industry, as well…

Jun 25

Davis Lectureship For Energy Speaker’s Forum

Kenneth Davis Jr. has established this prestigious program at the Energy Institute to bring national and international speakers to TCU to help promote discussion about the growing energy industry, energy management, new technologies, viable solutions and energy policies. Starting this fall 2013, this lecture series will provide a much needed program and forum to help…

Aug 2

NGVs in Texas

Our “Breakout Year” for NGVs in Texas By Ken Morgan, Director, TCU Energy Institute Natural gas has a long history as a reliable fuel source for home heating, industrial manufacturing and electrical generation. However, securing long term supplies has always been tied to the discovery and development of conventional “oil and gas reservoirs” that over…