George Wilson, CMM

George Wilson is a Certified Minerals Manager where he devotes his time to managing the mineral interests of a select group of clients.  As an attorney, Wilson practiced law for 30 years where he also served as a federal magistrate and city judge.   He has been Vice-President of the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) and has been on the Board of Directors of OK-NARO, NARO-TX and on the NARO Ethics Committee.  He frequently speaks on the topics of mineral management,  how to mine the underground, leasing clauses, dealing and negotiating with the landman, lease clauses you need and want, due diligence on royalty payments, surface damages, and other topics of interest to royalty owners.  He has written articles and given presentations in numerous cities in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Colorado. To view George’s complete biography, click here.